GA members - 2 FREE Tickets

General Admission members who renewed prior to Round 2 have received 2 FREE general admission tickets to use to any game this season.

These GA tickets can be found in the North Melbourne Football Club app and will be sitting under the upcoming game. You will see two "Round 2" tiles, to distinguish between your normal GA membership and your 2 free tickets, look for the flexi pass headings.

Ga Membership vs Flexi Pass

To forward your tickets you will need to select "View Barcode" and screenshot this to send via SMS to a friend. Alternatively, if you are at the gate together, you can scan both the additional GA ticket and your General Admission membership on the one device.

To screenshot on an iPhone device, simply click the "lock" button and the "volume UP" button at the same time

To screenshot on an Samsung device, simply click "lock" button and the "volume DOWN" button at the same time.

To screenshot on a Google Pixel device, simply click the "power" button and the "volume DOWN" button at the same time.

Flexi Screenshot

Once screenshotted we recommend opening your text messages, selecting the person you want to send it to and sending the photo of the screenshotted ticket to this friend.

If you wish to buy more GA tickets to bring friends to the game throughout the season, you can save money buy purchasing a two ticket flexi for $45 (normally $54!)