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There are few sports teams in the world that offer inner sanctum experiences and event access with players.

North Melbourne’s Jumper Club player sponsorship program offers just that opportunity, and is the perfect way to take your support of the Club to another level.

In 2018, we have introduced a new range of Jumper Club categories to deliver the experiences that you enjoy most. Whether it’s shared by the family or a friend, we have tailored the benefits to meet your needs.

Share the journey with a new recruit, or receive an insight in to how a veteran player goes about their preparation at AFL level. Jumper Club members have the ability to request sponsorship of any player on the list.

Further information on the new Jumper Club packages is contained within the brochure, with prices starting from $1,795.

If you would like to know more, please contact Peter Dalla Rosa on (03) 9320 2448 or email