$25 Food and Beverage Voucher

Food and Bev Voucher

2021 Social Club, Premiership Club or Reserved seat members who have renewed their membership for 2022 will be able to scan their mobile membership card at participating food and beverage outlets (including the Premiership Club and Social Club function rooms) and take $25 off the bill.

Make sure you are scanning your Social Club, Premiership Club or Reserved seat membership and NOT your Guest passes. If it says "guest pass" at the top it wont work.

These can be redeemed in function rooms and all retail food outlets (not Bars), except for the following outlets:

  • Gami Chicken
  • Dirty Beets
  • Prime Burger
  • Smoke and Smoulder

The vouchers are not redeemable for Alcohol at bars. If you don't spend the $25 in one transaction, the balance will remain on your card to use at the next Kangaroos home game at Marvel Stadium only.