Request A Member Pack

For those who cherish the member pack, request a pack to be delivered to your house for FREE.

2022 souvenir member card
2022 member bumper sticker


  1. Select the number of members you wish you request a pack for below.
  2. Login to your MyKangaroos account.
  3. Check your postal address to ensure it's being delivered to the right place.
  4. Under delivery and shipping select "Digital Card" this will display the postal address your pack will be sent to.
  5. Answer the questions, including the names and member ID (if known) of the other members you are requesting for. This will ensure the correct details are printed onto each souvenir card.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and select "submit order" and your pack is on its way!

If you're having trouble, please email and our friendly team will arrange a pack for you.

Delivery can take up to 4 weeks. Please note, you must have a valid 2022 membership to request a 2022 member pack (one pack per person).

Please note, members will be able to scan into games using the mobile membership card located in the Kangaroos App. The souvenir card will not come with a barcode and cannot be used to access games.