Linked Accounts

If you would like to view multiple membership cards on the one device, you will need to check your linked accounts simply by following the steps below. The sooner you can check this, the better!

If there are any issues or if someone is missing, please contact membership services to fix this as soon as possible.

Step one: Log into your MyKangaroos account online HERE (NOT in the App). In the top right-hand corner click on “Personal Account YOUR NAME” and select “Switch Accounts” - if this is not shown, you have no linked accounts.

Step two: All the Member IDs attached to your account will appear on the screen. We highly recommend clicking the pencil button to add names to the accounts so you can keep track especially in the App where only their Account ID is shown.

Step three: Once the above is complete, log into the app and you should be able to switch accounts and see all the same people. If there are any issues or people missing, please call 1300 526 427 as soon as possible, or book in a time for a callback.