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Our member seat return program is back for 2019.

This gives you the chance to return your seat(s) to the club for individual matches throughout the season.

If your membership seat(s) sell through the ticketing agency, you will receive credit towards your 2020 membership. Adult and concession members will receive a credit at $25 per seat sold while juniors will receive $15.

To return a seat(s), simply click here and log into your MyKangaroos account with your Member ID and Password. If you don't know your login details please call Membership Services on 1300 KANGAS (1300 526 427).


- The member seat return program enables a member to return their seat for sale for any Marvel Stadium or Blundstone Arena home games that they cannot attend in the 2019 season.

- The seat return program only applies to members who have a North Melbourne reserved seat membership card at Marvel Stadium or Blundstone Arena.

- Members can return their seat by logging on to their MyKanagroos account with their member ID and password or by calling 1300 KANGAS (1300 526 427).

- Members must return their seat before the nominated cut-off time which will be provided on for each match.

- The seat return program does not apply to daily ticket sales or Cricket Tasmania members.

- For every seat that successfully sells through Ticketek, the member will receive a credit which will be deducted off the price of the members 2020 membership.

- The credit is $25 for adult and concession members and $15 for junior members.

- Refund amounts are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for goods or services from the club.

- Once seats are returned to the club they cannot be returned back to the member.

- Once seats are returned to the club the membership barcode will be retired for the relevant game and the membership card cannot be used for either entry into the venue or access to seating.

- There is no guarantee that the seat will be sold if returned to the club. If the seat is not sold, a credit will not be applied.

- You will be notified via email if your seat has successfully been resold.

- If the credit is not used in 2020 it will be forfeited.

- Members who receive paper tickets and companion card memberships cannot return their seats through the member seat return program.

- Members who have outstanding payments on their Monthly payment plan will not have the credit applied until the payment plan is compliant.

- The North Melbourne Football Club’s decision on issurance of seat return credits are final and cannot be contested.



How to use the seat return program

STEP 1 -  Visit and log into the website, under MY ACCOUNT select MYKANAGROOS.

STEP 2 - On the top left-hand side of the page click "tickets"

STEP 3 - Select the game you would like to return your seat for

STEP 4 - In the top right-hand side of the page next to "Print" select "seat return". 

STEP 5 - select the seats that you wish to return by clicking on the check box located next to each seat. Once you have selected the seats that you would like to return, select RETURN on the top right hand side.

STEP 6 - Follow the remaining prompts to confirm the return of your seat

STEP 7 - A confirmation screen will appear and you will receive an email confirmation to your nominated email address listed with the club.You will be notified via email within seven days of the completion of the match if your seat has been successfully resold. Please be aware that you are only eligible for credits towards your 2020 membership renewal if your seat is successfully resold. Adult and concession members will receive a $25.00 credit and juniors will receive $15.00.