Roo Shop Member Discount

All members wishing to receive their 10% discount will be required to create a new account prior to making their first order. This will be a separate account to your membership account, however you will have to use the same email for the website to recognise you as an NMFC member. Please follow the below steps to create your new the Roo Shop account:

  1. Click on Register in the top menu.
  2. Provide the same email address registered with your membership account if you are a member. If you do not have an email address linked to your membership account, please contact the membership department on 1300 KANGAS (1300 526 427).
  3. Create your Roo Shop password. This can be the same or different from your membership password.
  4. Reconfirm your new password for the Roo Shop.
  5. Fill out your personal details.
  6. Tick you agree to the Privacy Policy.
  7. Prove you are not a robot.
  8. Click “Create Account”.

Yes. If you have followed the steps above and have logged in correctly, a 10% discount will also be applied to the items in your order.

If you have just created an account, it may take some time for your membership discount to apply. Log out and refresh the page. If the discount does still not apply, please check that your email is correct. To re-enter your details, follow the below steps:

  • Sign into your Roo Shop account.
  • Click Account in the top right corner.
  • Click Account Settings.
  • Re-enter your email address linked to your North Melbourne Football Club membership account.
  • Click Update Details.

To be eligible for your member discount, your membership payments must be up to date. If you are behind in your payments or have not renewed your membership, please login to your membership account at or call the Membership Department on 1300 KANGAS (1300 526 427). Alternatively, you can email to resolve the issue.

If you have any further issues, please contact the Roo Shop on (03) 9320 2480.

If you have forgotten your password, please click the ‘Forgot your Password’ link below the login or click here. Once you receive the email, there will be a link to reset your password. If you do not receive an email with a link to reset your password, we may have the wrong email address for you. Please contact the membership department on 1300 KANGAS (1300 526 427) or email to update your details.

To receive a 10% discount, your email address must match the email address linked to your membership. If you need to update this, please contact the membership department on 1300 KANGAS (1300 526 427) or email

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