Member Upgrades


General Admission members who want to upgrade to a reserved seat can do so by finding your barcode at the link below, and entering this into the Ticketmaster page for that game. You will only have to pay the difference in price for the seat that you chose. Simply click the Marvel Stadium Home Games button below to redeem your barcode to use at the game of your choice on the Ticketmaster website.

Steps to upgrade your General Admission seating using your North Melbourne membership

To upgrade your level 3 seating experience to levels 1 or 2, simply use your unique member’s barcode through Ticketmaster, to receive a member discount on your upgrade purchase.

  1. Follow the link and login to your account using your email and password to view your unique member barcode-
  2. Your member barcode may appear as ‘Ad 123456789’ or ‘Jn 987654321’
  3. Simply copy the numbers only ‘123456789’ tor ‘987654321’ to input into Ticketmaster
  4. If you have multiple family members, you can switch profiles and copy their barcodes too
  5. Logon to Ticketmaster and select the Round you are wanting to upgrade for; Rounds 18, 19, 22, or 23
  6. Select “Are You a Member” option
  7. Select “Click here to purchase Tickets”
  8. Select “Unlock Member’s Tickets”
  9. Input your unique member barcodes (one under each other, like a list) in the space provided. Please ensure if you are upgrading multiple seats, that you submit all of your member barcodes in the one transaction, to ensure that you get allocated seats together.
  10. Select “+1” per member ticket, select your seating preferences & process your transaction at the checkout. Your total cost of seat upgrades will include a member’s discount attached at the checkout.


Hobart general admission members or Victorian access members can upgrade to a reserved seat for any of our Hobart games. You will just need to pay the difference in price from your membership compared to the seat you wish to use for that game. Victorian members receive FREE General Admission access to sit on the hill for our home games at Blundstone Arena by scanning in your mobile membership card* at the turnstiles. If you wish to upgrade to a reserved seat, simply click the Blundstone Arena button below to redeem your barcode to use at the game of your choice on the Ticketek website.


Social Club and Premiership Club reserved bay and reserved seat members will be able to redeem a limited number of free tickets on level 1 for our replacement games in 2023. You will need to use the barcode below to redeem this ticket when available.

However, if you are a General Admission member or if you miss out on the limited level 1 tickets, you can scan in using your mobile membership card* and sit anywhere in general admission or you can pay to upgrade your seat for better viewing of replacement games. to upgrade, simply click the replacement games button below to redeem your barcode to use at the game of your choice on the Ticketmaster (Marvel Stadium replacement games) or Ticketek (MCG replacement games) website.


For Interstate Base or Interstate Gold members. Simply click the Interstate Games button below to redeem your barcode to use at the game in your state at the following website.

Adelaide Oval - Ticketek
Metricon stadium - Ticketek
Optus Stadium - Ticketmaster

*or plastic membership card

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